Pilot Information
Dry Creek Airport (TS07)

Current weather conditions at Dry Creek Airport

Data is provided by an automated amateur  weather station. SRACA cannot be responsible for its accuracy
(Thanks go to Mike M. for maintaining the station)


Please read:   Airport Rules
Hooks & Weiser Flight Schools West Practice area outline and frequency
Runway 18 PAPI Information

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Located in Cypress, Texas   ~25 miles northwest of downtown Houston, Texas.

Coordinates:    N29-59' 10.7"; W095-41' 08.2"
Magnetic Variation 5E










TNV r125/28.5 Navasota  VORTAC 115.9 05E
IAH  r270/17.8 Humble   VORTAC 116.60 05E

HUB  r308/29.1

Hobby  VOR/DME 117.10 05E



Unicom/CTAF   122.9
ATIS (DWH)     124.95
Airport use:  Private, permission required prior to landing
Hours:    Lighted,  Not Attended
Elevation:    150
Pattern Altitude:    1000 MSL All Aircraft
Runways:    18-36  3,580 X  80' Groomed grass
Use Caution







(Note that Dry Creek is on the final approach path to IAH rwy 8 L&R
this means that there is a high volume of commercial traffic overhead.  
Overhead traffic is frequently at or close to 2,000 ft Class B ledge)