Elevation 152'   Runways 18 - 36  3580' X 80' Grass
Displaced Thresholds:  Rwy 18 - 450' 
                                       Rwy 36 - 595'
~25 Miles NW of downtown Houston, Texas
  N29-59' 10.7"; W 095-41' 08.2"

Note: provided by a home weather station,
SRACA cannot be responsible for its accuracy
click HERE for a webcam still picture
(updated ~every 60 seconds)

Skinner Road Airport Community Association, Inc. (SRACA) was formed by Dry Creek Airport residents and interested parties to own and manage Dry Creek Airport (TS07). 

  • The Airport is a privately owned, restricted use airport. 
    (no commercial traffic)

  • Registered with the FAA in 1970, the airport has been active for more than 45 years. 
       (click here for picture as it looked in 1970)

  • The SRACA homeowners association receives no public funding to support the airport operation or its maintenance.

  • SRACA membership is limited to property owners of Dry Creek Airport 

  • 2 twin engine planes and over 50 single engine planes are based at the airport.

  • Click here for a movie of the FAA aircraft flyby checking the Dry Creek Airport for safe operations on July 3rd 2019 (130mb)

  • Drone Operators:
    Check the FAA mobile app B4UFLY to help show where you can and cannot fly with interactive maps. Click here for more information on the app


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