Cuban Warbirds


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(pf) Two former Cuban war birds collided today at Dry Creek Airport . Reports are still sketchy but witnesses say the two old planes ran into each other while doing a local flight in the area. One plane was preparing to land when the other plane flew down the runway, pulled up at the north end, turned west and ran into the other while it was coming into land.

The two war birds had an impressive war record which placed both planes at President Kennedy's failed invasion of Cuba to prevent the expansion of communism in the western hemisphere. The planes saw limited combat and were sold at a later date to a free country and left out to pasture at a local airport where they were brought up and restored to flying/standing position.

The north bound war bird was making a low pass down the runway for some friends. The Cuban plane was smoking (or dusting) the runway, pulled up and turned left into the oncoming plane which approaching to land. The plane was owned and maintained at the Dry Creek airport and was reported to make these flybys often. A resident of the airport for 3 years, it was in wonderful condition for its age.

The second war bird was out on a local flight to drop poop on windshields and to find pink shrimp. The war bird was airborne for over two hours and was returning to land at the same airport as the other war bird was making its smoking run. The sky was clear and the winds were light but it is not known if this had any effects on the accident.

Many witnesses were at the airport and report after watching the fly by and seeing the plane pull up and turn, then heard a pop and bang!. After that they reported a big pink puff ball floating thru the sky in the direction of the last war bird. Horrified on lookers ran for cover. Flames covered the area while pink confetti like material littered the area for the next few minutes. Witnesses flocked to the wreckage and were turned away at what they saw.

On such a pristine day with not a breath of wind, this tragic collision happened and in front of many on lookers. None of the planes came near any local schools. Neither plane was on a flight plan.

wreckage.jpg (311123 bytes)Wreckage was littered all over the area. pinkpuffs.jpg (125193 bytes)


When they heard the bang witnesses turned and looked to the sky. One witness told us " pieces rained down like a giant pink puff ball"

twisted.jpg (309348 bytes)The twisted remains of the landing gear of one of the Cuban war birds.

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A mother of many geese, Antoinette, who was visiting the south turns her head away from the grizzly remains of one of the war birds

wreckage2.jpg (306890 bytes)Wreckage is still being discovered in the immediate area hours after the collision.

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Rupert the Chicken Security Guard on duty at a local work shop scurried to the wreckage to peck out the survivors, but his effort was in vain.

fire.jpg (54280 bytes)Fire was seen coming from the area of impact. There was little hope....



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