2003 Open House


Open House      9/13/2003

On Saturday, September 13th, the Skinner Road Airport Community Association (SRACA) held an open house for the people in our community. This event gave our neighbors the opportunity to learn about the airport and meet the people who fly and live here. 

 In addition, through the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA),  youngsters 8-17 were given the chance to experience a ride in a general aviation aircraft by participating in the Young Eagles Program.

The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Hot Dogs, drinks and snacks were provided by the SRACA, and over 20 kids participated in the Young Eagles program (along with several of their parents who also did not want to pass up the opportunity for a ride!)

Everyone who came seemed to have a wonderful time and the event received many compliments.

Click on thumbnails below to see pictures from the open house

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